Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year that Was

2011  really went by so fast! We still came in for work today, tsktsk...but since we had a benign duty; my friends and I just reminisced what we were doing this day last year. Actually I did thought of what had happened to me the whole year and I'm really happy to have been through it all that it made me a better person :)

It was also fun to read what I posted a year before, how toxic my duty was and how optimistic I am for the coming year. (you can read it here)

At duty with my best friends Almy and Raffy
Here are more photos of what happened to me this year:
By the end of January I handed out my resignation letter and worked at and Aesthetic clinic by February
Met a lot of new fun- loving friends :) The calmness of the clinic was a far cry from the toxicity of the hospital ward. We also had 8 hour shifts instead of 12 so I had more time to spend for my family, friends and my business. I'm happier indeed!

By March I had more time to plan and follow my dream
I already planned on studying fashion and sewing but I didn't have the budget yet. I plotted the things that I wanted to happen to me on my vision board and most of them came true by the end of the year! I also had more time to blog and swallowed my shyness to post photos of myself to share my style.

By April my sister and I attended a cashflow workshop which was a lot of fun! 

I also had a chance to buy a second hand DSLR camera from my uncle and pursue my love for photography

By June  I had a chance to practice my photography skills with my friends at the clinic
July: I again attended a seminar with my friends from work, we went home very late but it was still worth it :)

And then I bought Sammy in August, I wanted this for the longest time that I worked very hard to get it.

We're Over the Moon last September; we got included in Lauren's list of the best Multiply Shops!
We had the first batch of vintage - inspired accessories which was a success. We've posted new stocks ever since :) 

And then I got invited by Nori to participate in a Vintage and Crafts Market

By October I launched my very first blog giveaway, with my supportive friends Khel of  Euphoria and Marion of Bella Blue and continued to prepare for the flea market
In November, I decided to improve myself physically and had my first Stacurl at Beauty Brick 

Which in turn gave me a lot of confidence in terms of posing for outfit posts :)

Helped my friend Marion plan her wedding and made new friends Ruffa and Mike! :)

And attended the orientation for the Brown Bag vintage and crafts market
By December:

My participation with the Vintage and Crafts market was a success because of the support of my family and friends :) it was my first time and definitely a learning experience.
celebrated our 5th year anniversary :) and...

Finally enrolled at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines :)
2011 has been good to me,  I thank God that He has given me a lot of blessings and strength to face the challenges. Though I faced trials too its my decision to bounce back, be strong and grab the bull by the horns. Now, I'm excited to experience what's in store for me this year :)

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