Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Brown Bag Market Experience

Here's a little run through on my first flea market experience yesterday at the Filipinas Heritage Library. :)

Flea Market equipment ready for loading
It was really a stressful week for me, I was anxious and excited that I got a flu just 3 days before the event.

On the way to the venue

people putting up the banner and the last few tents.

I'm very lucky to be supported by my family, hands on and willing din sila to lend me a hand. Everything fit the L300 :)

My sister and her boyfriend :)
Unfortunately my boyfriend wasn't there for the much needed muscle for setting up the stall. Buti nalang my sister and her boyfriend was there to help me out.

photo op with my lil sis while waiting, thanks to the indie chic for my cute top
The sellers waiting to be called
Because of the weather, there were delays with the ingress. But with the help of the staff and utilities of the Library we managed to bring our stuff up to our location :)

Time to set up!
At exactly 4pm people started to show up even though we weren't finished the setting up, waaahh!!!

Busy booths! :) daming peeps!
Since this was the first time that I was joining, I felt so overwhelmed with the number of people coming in our stall that I had a migraine! (grabe wrong timing talaga) good thing my mom came and helped me man the booth. :)

with my super supportive mom
Our humble stall with vintage clothes and accessories on display :)

dainty frilly lace and floral vintage tops and dresses
colorful skirts and skorts :)
check out this girl whose trying our snake bangles 
Those snake bangles were surprisingly our best seller that night! na- OUT OF STOCK! :) it was a convertible and unique piece kasi then it is sold in an affordable price pa; its a nice gift to give this holidays too. With free on the spot demo pa kasi kami with my lil sis, hehe...

My lil sis Audie (wearing the black mamba snake bangle as a necklace)  with her best friend Lani
Lani fitting the military style cardigan dress :)
For those who didn't get the chance to buy these bangles, please check out our online store from time to time for our restock :)

wooden bangle set for 99 pesos only! :)

Thanks to my friend Love here who visited me after her duty! :) napa- shopping din!

And here are my pretty co- nurses who took the time to support me too! Ka-touch kayo mga sisterettes! :)
Overall, for selling vintage stuff for 6 hours bawi naman ang puhunan ko and I still have stuff that I could sell online too :) I'm sooo happy that my plans are all coming true before the year ends. Nakakataba pa ng puso marinig ang instant feedbacks ng customers. This was a learning experience indeed but I have no regrets for everything. Definitely, my Faith was bigger than my fear! :) Even if the weather didn't cooperate at first and for being anxious if I'm going to have stuff sold, I surrendered everything to God and just had fun with my family and friends. I'm going to join events like this too in the future but for now,  I have to replenish my online inventory first. hehe.. Thanks again guys!

To God be the Glory :)

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