Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Gift Guide

Gone are the days of giving hankies and picture frames for the holidays, here's my Christmas Gift Guide for fun and cute gifts to give that are still within your budget :)

The Money Maze-  National Bookstore

1. The Money Maze- Oftentimes we just give monetary gifts to older cousins because we can't really think of anything amusing to give them. Here's a fun way to give your monetary gifts, through the Money Maze. Just place your money inside the door, lock it and let your cousin solve the maze to unlock the door! Fun right?! :) haha! and it's really motivating to solve the maze if you could see how much you'll get inside! :) 

As a puzzle- lover, this was one of the best that I found so far. :)

Book Box- The Landmark
2. Book Box- I really couldn't contain my excitement the minute I saw this undeceiving book right here. I really looked like an English Dictionary at first but once you look inside....

Tada!!!! A secret safe! This was the best that I could give my mom; sawa na siya sa scrubs, massagers etc. :P Just place your valuables inside, lock it and camouflage it with other books.

Belle de Jour Planner- National Bookstore
3. Belle de Jour Planner- for the lil sis :) She's really a Starbucks planner fanatic but she just ended up not using it, sayang lang; so I thought she'll love this planner instead not just because its loaded with coupons but it has really nice tools inside; a financial tracker/planner, a menstrual plotter, and a cool 2012 Bucket list! :) This planner would definitely wouldn't collect dust at home.

Planners-  Papemelroti
4. Planners- for my co- nurses :) This one is a constant, I give my co- nurses planners that are super handy so that we could plot out schedules in it, hehe...this is a gift that could be cheap but still would be very pretty and useful.

Snake and ladders/ white board- The Landmark
5. Board Game- for the young niece. Board Games can be a safe choice if you're giving gifts to the younger ones, its safe and educational. Yoyo's would also be a fun alternative to give to young boys :)

Candy Style Guide- National Bookstore
6. Candy Style Guide- this one is a perfect gift to give to my boyfriend's lil sis. She's already in highs chool and could still be confused with her own style and what she's going to wear.

Cute iPhone Cases- The Landmark 
7. iPhone Cases- for friends. A typical gift but in a cute design.

Wooden "zombie" cellphone charms- The Landmark
8. Cellphone Charms- I know, I know this one's a no- brainer. I just got fed up seeing Angry Birds around and when I saw these! I got excited and got the last stocks! :) I looovee Plants vs. Zombies definitely more than Angry birds, hahaha! these could be your Emergency gifts

Cord Rewinder- The Landmark
9. Cassette style cord- rewinder- for the Male Cousins. Just because it looks cute and it organizes your headphones :)

Metal Wire Puzzles- National Bookstore
10. (Difficult) Metal Wire Puzzles- for the Young at Heart (the Uncles). I was really weird giving them hankies and keychains and T- Shirts every year :P so this year I just want to give them something to exercise their brains, hehe...

Tea Spoon- The Landmark
11. Music note tea spoon- for the Aunties. These are too cute to pass on :) The cool tita's would love to drink their tea in style with these!

That's it for now, I still haven't bought gifts for my papa and the boyfriend.  Till the next post guys! Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Wow! I was just amazed with the money maze haha! perfect gift for someone who wants a money. :)))I might buy that tomorrow! :)))

  2. @littlemisspoleng- hahaha! :) cute no?!

  3. gudpm po,this is romulo,frm las pinas,im interestd to buy the metal puzzle and the money maze?like to see that,magkno po yon metal puzzle?were po located,pls txbk asap,09213337988 thnx po


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