Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 03 & 4: A photograph of my mobile phone and a photo of myself 2 years ago

I bought this phone because of its sleek design, piano black finish and sweet specs! :) This small gadget does the job every time! I can take perfect photos with its 5MP camera and upload it right away on my blog. The QWERTY keyboard is also always handy for fast no- look typing :) It also has powerful speakers that's really surprising for its compact design. I've got it last February and I've always loved it ever since.

And here's a photo of me with the boyf in 2009

Nothing much has changed, I guess just the shorter 'do. This was taken at the Philippine Army Officer's Club, I visited my boyfriend during their theater rehearsal :)

Here are more photos:
Black and White Finance Christmas Party 2009- haggarda lang :P

In that same year I was still working as an Admitting Staff before being laterally transferred to the nursing division. Haayy...time flies so fast, I didn't even noticed that two years have already passed. :)

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