Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 09: Contents of my fridge, MTV cribs style

Haha! nothing fancy here :) just a little tour of our family fridge!

Bills and other important reminders posted on our fridge door :)

beauty products
Here on the right side our of fridge door, you would see most of our beauty essentials. I like to place my toner, moisturizer and cologne in the fridge so that its shelf life would last longer and it feels much better to use those products when they're chilled.

left over food and travel sized condiments
Sometimes when I don't get the chance to eat breakfast, I just grab packs of Nesvita and drink it as soon as I get to the clinic.

Lots of veggies

Christmas ham and some leftover Cheetos c/o the lil sis, hehe...

lastly, frozen poultry, fish and meat in ice cream containers; ice packs and chocolates
That's it! :) Anyway, I already uploaded new stuff on the store and here are my favorites:

Petal blouse

Green beaded dress

Emerald green pleated maxi skirt
Click the SHOP tab above and see them for yourself! :) Good night girls! Hope you had a nice weekend! :)

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