Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIYs and a Sneak Peek

To cut our costs and to give our store a more hand made touch, we decided to do a lot of DIY projects. Good thing my friends came in handy to help me cut, stamp and fold stuff for our booth.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sneak Peek: Denim and Lace Babydoll top

And today's sneak peek is this cute and girly denim baby doll top :)

Don't you just love the detail? :) don't forget to mark your calendars and visit us this December girls, more pretty vintage clothes like this await you!

At the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar, December 12-14 Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle Makati

BOOTH (D19) on December 12-14, 2012

We're joining a Bazaar! :)

Noticed that countdown timer on our right rail? :) ---------------------->

This year our online store Ombre Vintage will be joining the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar. Happening on November 27-29, December 12-14 and December 19-21 at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Triangle Makati. This year's bazaar is going to be extra special because its for the benefit of Ferdinand Center for the Creative, a non- government organization that helps out- of- school young artists become successful graphic artists.  

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lost Valentine

"Now you have my heart,
Keep it next to yours,
and bring it safely back to me.
I will always love you"

I've had this habit of watching really romantic movies that were mainly about long distance relationships to... I guess help me cry out my pent up emotions whenever my soldier's away on a mission, though it might seem weird for some, its therapeutic for me.

I've watched, Dear John, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You and The Time Traveler's wife over and over just because knowing that I'm going through something that's similar to what they are experiencing makes me treasure more of what I have right now.

I've been looking for movies to watch on YouTube and then I stumbled upon this made  for TV movie, The Lost Valentine.
Caroline shares a kiss with his Navy Pilot husband Neil before he leaves for the war

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bag Shopping in the Men's Section

Are you very particular when buying bags like me? I take a lot of things in consideration when I buyone. It has to be roomy, the material and straps should be sturdy enough to hold my net book safely and the design should also go with most of the clothes that I wear. My sister makes fun of me nga for buying a bag for work once a year so it really must be durable, hahaha!

So one night after work, my sister and I tried to buy a bag from the Men's section of SM Department store and boy are we in for a surprise! :)

Travel bags with wheels and shoulder bags in great designs in sturdy canvass and leather material

Their bags are more beautiful and sturdier than the bags in the Ladies Section! :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lookbook: Endless Summer

Please check out our latest look book, enjoy! :)

click expand after the break! :)

My New Skincare Regimen

I have been battling acne for a couple of weeks now and it really lowered my self- esteem :( I was lucky though I have a couple of sweet Derma friends that are continuing to help me with my skin problems that my skin's starting to clear up! :) 

I totally forgot that I should not be trying on make-up or skin care that much because of my sensitive skin. From now on, I'll be sticking on products that really works for me and forget making my face a guinea pig for other products, I'm not as lucky as the make up gurus I'm watching that doesn't have skin like mine that gets irritated easily.

I just want to share you girls a couple of products that I am using, a few tips on how to use them and my experience during the treatment, and maybe it'll be beneficial for you too! :) 

My current skincare regimen to battle acne c/o my Derma friends, Dr. Aranas and Dr. Moreno (as you can see most of them are in sample sizes, hehe..)