Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lost Valentine

"Now you have my heart,
Keep it next to yours,
and bring it safely back to me.
I will always love you"

I've had this habit of watching really romantic movies that were mainly about long distance relationships to... I guess help me cry out my pent up emotions whenever my soldier's away on a mission, though it might seem weird for some, its therapeutic for me.

I've watched, Dear John, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You and The Time Traveler's wife over and over just because knowing that I'm going through something that's similar to what they are experiencing makes me treasure more of what I have right now.

I've been looking for movies to watch on YouTube and then I stumbled upon this made  for TV movie, The Lost Valentine.
Caroline shares a kiss with his Navy Pilot husband Neil before he leaves for the war

It was about a Navy Wife, Caroline returns every Valentine's day to the Train station where at their then first wedding anniversary, she waved off to the Pacific War Theater in 1944 Naval Pilot Neil, Officially Still Missing in Action.

I didn't really expect that much with this movie at first because it reminded me about the movie Letters to Juliet, but just watching it from the start, you get intrigued and get pulled in with the flash backs that really showed how Caroline and Neil's love story and why it lived on.

Their Wedding

Enjoying their time as a young couple
There were no dull moments with this movie, my sister and I were balling our eyes out while watching the part where Neil finally comes home to Caroline on Valentine's day.

Caroline Skype- ing with Mr. Morang a Filipino soldier who knew her husband during the war
At Valentine's day, Neil finally comes home

One of the most tear- jerking scenes from the movie
The good looking cast and beautiful hair, make up and costumes of the 1940's didn't hurt either, oh and maybe because I just adore anything vintage! :) 

So make sure you have tissues ready girls and let's watch this love story all over again :)

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