Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're joining a Bazaar! :)

Noticed that countdown timer on our right rail? :) ---------------------->

This year our online store Ombre Vintage will be joining the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar. Happening on November 27-29, December 12-14 and December 19-21 at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Ayala Triangle Makati. This year's bazaar is going to be extra special because its for the benefit of Ferdinand Center for the Creative, a non- government organization that helps out- of- school young artists become successful graphic artists.  

Our booth last year

BOOTH (D19) on December 12-14, 2012

We're going to fit our stuff into a smaller booth though but we'll definitely be packing it up with beautiful vintage goodies. So if you want to shop for gifts this holiday season and help the less fortunate, please do drop by ;)

And now, for today's sneak peek...

It's this lovely vintage top with beautiful lace embroidery detail, the best part is that you can wear the collar in two ways, button it up and it looks elegant, wear it with the collar down and it looks laid back and girly!

Want this top? :) Please start saving up, mark your calendars and visit us this December girls, more pretty vintage clothes like this await you!

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