Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impromptu date! The Philippine Army Museum

It was "bring-your-girlfriend-to-work" day and the my boyfriend and I have been planning to have a simple couple shoot around the gardens of Fort Bonifacio that day, little did we know that there was an event on the venue and we had to prepare a letter for a couple of military officers for our shoot. So, we postponed our plan and he toured me around the camp and had an impromptu date at the Philippine Army Museum. We didn't expect that we're having and educational date but we had so much fun! :)

Facade of the Philippine Army Museum

Monday, April 23, 2012

Off Beat Pink

I've been wanting to try how I would look if I was wearing a girly, pink lipstick, I didn't want to splurge without having to see if it would fit me so in a recent trip to Watsons, I bought a cheap brand in Off- Beat Pink! Scroll down for the pros and cons..

Sunday, April 15, 2012

How to Plan a 150K Wedding

Nope it's not mine, I just helped my friend Marion of Bella Blue plan her wedding last December. And that's right, she just spent a mere 150,000 Pesos for a beautiful Modern- Vintage DIY Intimate wedding. Here's a short interview on how she did it. Complete with her wedding suppliers and some beautiful photos on how her wedding went.

Marion: My cousin Suzette, who is a designer and I had talked years ago. We were talking about weddings. I thought we had the same ideals back then, that spending big money for a "one day" celebration was not practical at all. She also reminded me that if ever I have to splurge, it's not with the dresses nor the venue, instead spend money in PHOTOGRAPHY (something for us newlyweds) and the FOOD (to satisfy our guests). Since then, that thought never left my mind. 

Mark and I had been on for 9 years. Our engagement happened last April, 2011. Plans about the wedding were arranged. I knew at that time that I wanted it to be intimate (with just us with our closest friends and our immediate family members). Lucky groom! Hours of talking and convincing were made to our families, especially to my parents, not letting them think "na tinitipid ang anak nila", but rather that it was my idea.

Though there were a lot of changes from our original plans, like the place and date,  we are certain on one thing - that we will pay for this wedding from our own pockets (from budget to preparation ) , and so we decided to have a very simple and intimate church wedding.