Monday, April 23, 2012

Off Beat Pink

I've been wanting to try how I would look if I was wearing a girly, pink lipstick, I didn't want to splurge without having to see if it would fit me so in a recent trip to Watsons, I bought a cheap brand in Off- Beat Pink! Scroll down for the pros and cons..

1. I loved that its matte
2. Very cheap @ 145 pesos!
3. Has a nice color
4. Long wearing in some cases *if you're not drinking frequently

1. Smelled like crayons
2. It was hard to apply, you have to swipe it on your lips a couple of times to get that even pigmented application.
3. It feathers over time

Would I buy again?
Well probably not. You really get what you are paying for. I got to try if that shade suited me. I will then be on the look out for similar shades with Etude or other Brands. Any suggestion girls? :) please feel free to leave me some comments below!


  1. Try MAC Cosmetics! I love the shades of their lipsticks :)

  2. yep :] i chose pink's incredibly matted but neonic... so loove it ! >3