Thursday, April 26, 2012

Impromptu date! The Philippine Army Museum

It was "bring-your-girlfriend-to-work" day and the my boyfriend and I have been planning to have a simple couple shoot around the gardens of Fort Bonifacio that day, little did we know that there was an event on the venue and we had to prepare a letter for a couple of military officers for our shoot. So, we postponed our plan and he toured me around the camp and had an impromptu date at the Philippine Army Museum. We didn't expect that we're having and educational date but we had so much fun! :)

Facade of the Philippine Army Museum

It was both our first time to experience walking through the museum, luckily there were OJTs and we tagged along the tour and absorbed so much about the Army's history. On the first floor of the museum, we discussed about the Philippine Army's beginnings, from the Katipunan up to being the "Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinas" the evolution of the Army's badges were explained, even the uniforms and awards. 

At the second floor were antique guns and other relics from WWII and captured ammunition and weapons from the New People's Army.

We both had a lot of fun walking into the various rooms leading to the reenacted Military battles fought by our Filipino soldiers. The times where our soldiers fought the American soldiers even though ill- equipt, used their environment to their advantage and ambushed their foes in a bamboo forest. :) 

Nards and I then continued our tour outside the Museum and walked along the garden to see the Scorpion tanks, ambulances and other English and American tanks that can be climbed in if you have little kiddos in the tour.

A quick photo of the BF and I
What I wore: Dress-Landmark, denim vest- Surplus shop, sandals- Rosanna Pena
My Soldier- Oh boyf, why so cute?! :P nyahahaha! too bad he had to carry our tripod and our clothes in his backpack.
Here are some of the photos of the cool tanks I was talking to you about. It was so humid that day, we decided not to climb in these tanks (the fear of feeling like we're climbing in an oven, haha!)

After the tour, I can't help but feel for the soldiers of our Army, risking their lives for our country. Finally, I felt very proud of my boyfriend, a deeper respect for his job and an understanding for the times he has spent away from his loved ones.

I am a proud Army Girlfriend. :)

The Philippine Army Museum and Library is located at the Philippine Army Complex, Lawton Avenue, Fort Andres Bonifacio, Makati City
Monday to Friday:
0800H to 1600H
(8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p. m.)
Open on Weekends only for organized tours or by special arrangement.
A two-week advanced reservation will be required for all organized tours

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