Thursday, May 3, 2012

Callospa Incident

Disclaimer: This post is intended not to detract or bad mouth the company but it is to create a detailed account (as narrated by Love and Ms. Ruth) of the incident with utmost honesty and to improve the services of the said establishment.

“Sorry ma’am closed po kami ngayon because of a private event.” 

What would you do if the receptionist told you these dreaded words?We were supposed to have a fun team building event with my co- nurses at Callospa in Antipolo, but even after having paid the reservation fee days before, we still went through this very disappointing experience.

TIRED BUT EXCITED On duty doctors and nurses that day waiting for a shuttle to Antipolo

The nurses were planning to have a team building activity to de- stress and have an opportunity to bond with each other outside the clinic Jmy friend Love then started to scout and canvassed for venues that would fit our budget and at that time Callospa was the way to go. She then contacted the owner to make inquiries and as what Love told me, the owner was very accommodating and nice and she constantly followed up on our reservation; 5 days before the event we already deposited the reservation fee to their account as instructed by the owner.

On April 27, Love tried to contact the owner again to verify and confirm our reservation but we didn’t get any reply. On April 30, at about 7pm; Love and our head nurse arrived at Callospa earlier than us (nurses on duty) to set up our things and to start preparing our dinner. To their surprise, the receptionist told them that they could not accommodate our group because the whole area was closed due to a private event. It turned out that they double booked that day and we were not prioritized because the other group paid their reservation way earlier than us.

Clueless and Furious, Love asked the receptionist how this could be possible. That they still had us pay the reservation fee when there weren’t available slots; what would happen to our team building? They’re just kicking us out? The receptionist then told Love that she’ll call the owner; Love even overheard her saying “ma’am di ba sabi ko nga po sa inyo na closed tayo for April 30- May 1?” in the end, they told us that they’ll transfer us to Cristina Villas and that they would just refund our deposit.

Love then told the receptionist that they would not go there without someone who will accommodate them, dahil pagdating dun baka kung anong disappointment nanaman ulit. The receptionist just told them that the owner already called the other (Cristina Villas) resort. Love and our head nurse even had to (kami pa po ang nakiusap) ask for a shuttle to help them with the transfer. They were never apologetic nor offered to fix the hassle that they caused us.

The service then arrived 1 ½ hours later. We arrived at Cristina Villas and again, contrary to what the receptionist told Love, our group was not endorsed properly to the management of the Villa. Matatanggap naman naming kung mas na- prioritize yung group na naunang nag bayad sa amin, in the first place the owner shouldn’t have rushed us to pay for the reservation if she was well informed that the venue was closed that day. The LEAST THAT THEY COULD DO WAS TO AT LEAST APOLOGIZE AND INFORM US BEFOREHAND! Para naman nakapaghanap nalang kami ng ibang venue at hindi na na surprise at na hassle ng ganon.

I know that these might be because of sales and marketing reasons but we just hoped that they valued the time of nurses like us who just wanted to take time away from the stress of the city. We just like any other customer, paid and did what we had to do thinking that they were a nice facility.

To the management: We were disappointed with your service. I personally have read a couple of bad reviews from other bloggers but I still gave you the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately this happened. We hope that you could improve your services with this incident. We also hoped that the owner answered our numerous phone calls. Pakiramdam po namin itinapon nalang kami basta sa ibang resort at hindi na nila (Callospa) kami responsibility. 

To the future customers of Callospa: Research for more reviews and Reserve at your own risk.

As for our experience at Cristina Villas, I will be blogging about it on my next post. Enjoy you Summer Girls!


  1. I hope your experience at Cristina Villas was better!

    1. @PinkieRiceGurl- We had a nice time at Cristina Villas :) they were even apologetic of what happened to us, so the incident became a blessing in disguise :) we had a bigger venue with lots of pools. We had fun :) thanks for the comment!