Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Went Blonde!

Dyed my hair for the first time a couple of weeks ago; my sister Audie texted me after duty asking if I could accompany her to the salon to get her hair dyed cause she's feeling sad; so off to the salon we go! :P

We then went to Hemel's Salon and Spa to try their services, it was my first time so I let my lil sis guide me.

The area was large, clean and has these elegant chandelier
The reception area
I love that the area is very organized, well ventilated and lighted and they have a lot of couches to make the salon have a more homey feel.

My sister  and I choosing a color

My sister, Audie's hair BEFORE

My hair BEFORE

Yup, I look tired here :P

After having my hair washed, Peter then started to color my hair

I chose this color: 77 Intense Medium Blonde
I chose Intense Medium Blonde thinking that it wouldn't be that light because I'll be getting my hair colored for the first time. 

After an hour, our dye's done! tada!

We initially thought it was too light on top but generally the color enhanced our skin tone so we just decided to get used to it, haha! 

With the boyfriend at Batangas- I guess I have to get my brows bleached a bit too

Change is good! :) and now I'm ready for summer's last hurrah!
Best of all they have very affordable rates! :) They even have packages for hair rebond bundled with FREE eat all you can, haha! nice diba? not having to worry about getting hungry while undergoing a 4-6 hour process. They also have a package that has rebonding, service all you can, hair treatment also with free eat all you can for only 1339 pesos! Check out Hemel's Salon and Spa and get that makeover you've always wanted.

Hemel's Salon and Spa
Tejeron St. corner Sagrada Familia Street
Sta. Ana, Manila
Tel. no.: 399-2566


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  2. thanks for your blog..i really wanted my hair to get dyed. :)

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