Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Night Swimming at Cristina Villas

After our terrible ordeal at Callospa we ended up having our team building at Cristina Villas. Most of us were really expecting the worst, we even imagined that it was that Haunted Villa that was used in a Filipino Horror Movie, haha! Sorry but we were just really pissed and at 9pm we were still on the road thinking if this event was worth pursuing.

A few dizzying hours later, we got off at an Antipolo gas station and waited for the shuttle to arrive. The driver was really pleasant and even though he felt like some of us were irritated, he still managed to get us to our destination .

Aaahhhh...at last, Cristina Villas. And fortunately, it wasn't that bad after all! :)

outside the hotel
Cristina Villas is a Mediterranean resort and hotel situated atop Antipolo City's Hills. Its well landscaped grounds and charming architecture is suitable for the perfect retreat and relaxation.

1. Life guards are present most of the time in all pools
2. They had a lot of pools to choose from
3. The room has a very nice view
4. The place wasn't over crowded
5. The surroundings are clean, including the bathrooms
6. The resort's Mediterranean feel was very charming and appealing.
7. The environment was cool and quiet, perfect for relaxation
8. They have barbeque grills, KTV rooms and big shower areas.
9. The staff were nice, polite and even more apologetic than the staff of Callospa.

1. We swam at night so the pool water was a bit cloudy in some pools, though in other pools the water was still blue :)
2. The top pool was too cold for me! :) as I dived in the water, it made my ears and jaw hurt because of the pressure, I had fun hanging by their infinity pool though.
3. The shower faucets in our room were hard to manage, it took a lot of time for the water to come out. The 3 faucets for the shower were very confusing; and I believe there's no hot water.

The pool at night
that's me (3rd from the right) wearing dark denim shorts with a sheer top with my black swimsuit :P with Khel, Karmie, Teng, Marion and doc Kim
"tapang- tapangan" in our swimsuits! (Teng, Love, Kirsty, Karmie and Me)
Pretty doctors and nurses
Here are some photos taken from their Facebook account:

Our room looked exactly like this :) Standard rooms costs 1980 pesos, while Executive rooms costs 3025 pesos; inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons and resort entrance fee.

The view from our room 
They also have lovely kiddie pools with slides and some for adults as seen on the photos below.

I commend the staff of Cristina Villas for their patience and understanding. It is true that they have courteous staff, thanks guys! We just hoped that we had more time to enjoy the resort and bask in the sun, too bad we had to go back to our normal lives in the clinic the next day.

For more information please contact:

Cristina Villas
Landline: 697-4521 to 22 for more details.
Fax number: 697- 5188
Or Contact LEO POSTRADO at 09178664932

Facebook account

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