Thursday, October 28, 2010


I chose a simple black damask design for my card :)

A few months back, there were ongoing posts and rumors that Globe is going to have a GCash card, it promises users to cash out money from a machine just like a regular ATM card; a lot of sellers got interested of course but we have yet to wait for an official announcement from Globe.

upload your own valid ID picture
Then last October, I got a text message saying that it was indeed true, so before giving out my MPIN, I searched their site, read the terms and conditions, and filled out the online application form. What I liked about the procedure is, aside form their design templates you can customize your card with your own design or picture, of course still keeping in mind their Image guidelines and policies. Upon sending the form, you will receive a request from Globe, collecting 100 pesos of  GCash from your wallet as payment for your GCash card Application. After that a transaction number will appear, this should be presented with a photocopy of your valid ID upon the delivery of your card.

I then sent my application last October 12, 2010 and it arrived yesterday. Exactly 2 weeks after! :) This is really a great idea from Globe, hassle- free cash outs for busy people like me. 

How about you? What's your Gcash card design? :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

how to wear the 80's trend

A fellow online seller gave me an idea for my post today, she was asking what she would wear to an office 80's party. Wow! it really sounded simple because most of us were born in that era but when you stop to think about all those crazy 80's fashion, it was really hard to decide what to wear! so I tried to research how to wear the 80's trends and make it more modern and a little bit more acceptable to the public. :P

I have three trends in mind:

1. First, the oversized tee + leggings = a.k.a. the flashdance look, hehe...

of course this look is too sexy for work! haha!
take this modern take on the flashdance look thanks to sienna miller
If you have the jeggings and the brogues, add this top from Plethora to complete your look!

2. Our second trend from the 80's is the lace romantic popularized by Madonna
pair black lace with fishnet stockings and pile up on heavy chain accessories to toughen up your look
if you want this lace look a little more muted, get this skirt instead
feel sexy with this sheer lace dress on sale on Plethora
3. The third look is the Dynasty shoulder pad trend
definitely a fashion faux pax
pair an oversized blazer with a tapered pant and laid back blouse for an update of the shoulder pad look
both jackets are available on sale at Plethora
How would you wear the 80's trend? :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

plethora loves MY SWEET SHOPPE

BEFORE- my amateur effort in making my shop's layout

As an online seller, I am constantly finding ways to improve my shop. And my shop's layout is as important as the clothes that I am selling :) It should convey the chicness, feminine and simple style that what a Plethora woman is. Of course its not just about the aesthetics, the colors that would make a woman shop on my online store but also how the navigations are placed; what is most accessible for the buyer? the colors used; if it would showcase the items being sold. So I almost change my shop's layout quarterly for a fresh new look! :) I have worked with different designers, experienced being on the wait list and paying tons for every page element added...and then I stumbled upon mysweetshoppe of course, attracted by her minimal, cute layout I browsed her site, and then I saw that she offers site revamps!

Let me enumerate what I loved about her service:

1. She has a FIXED price of 200 pesos of 2 column layouts and 250 for 3 column layouts, this includes the header, footer, background, welcome image and even the navigation links for both header and left rail!! (OMG!!! this was the reason why I got her, other designers would charge a minimum of 600 pesos with a minimun number of links, additional links and a welcome image would be another charge)

2. THERE IS NO WAITING LIST- after sending the order form, she would then PM you about the other details needed, color scheme, link list and all. No need to wait for a couple of months :)

3. She is very easy to talk to- with all the revisions, and "pangungulit" she still remained to be very patient and professional :)

4. The end product is what she promised, a clean minimal layout- which I love!

AFTER- thanks to Ven, my shop has a new sweeter life! :)

*for 200 pesos and a day, this is clearly a steal if you want your sites revamped! More power Ven! and I'll definitely come back and let you design my layout in the future :) click HERE to check out my shop's revamp! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

old soul

some vintage pieces from the October collection from Plethora
According to, an Old Soul is a spiritual person whom is wise beyond their years; people of strong emotional stability. Basically, someone whom has more understanding of the world around them. Some people even believe an old soul is a person whom has learned from past incarnations, or lives. They acquired certain knowledge from their past lives and apply it to their present life... thus gaining more wisdom than the average bloke. Nice... :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

denim and khaki

I never really am the girly girl type, my style really is about comfort and a little tomboy-ish, hehe...
I had a text message from the boyfriend, "date?" and of course I replied, "sure sure!!!" haha! another reason to dress up and I'd love to see my boyfriend again :)
denim polo-thrifted, khaki high waisted shorts- Plethora , belt- Landmark, camera necklace- Parksquare

And Ironically, as a seller of clothes, I am finding it so hard to choose what to wear! I grabbed the khaki short from my next collection and my denim polo, waaaahhh!!!! I had to dress up so fast so I that I can have more time with the BF.

Sorry girls, just borrowed the shorts for a day, it will still be sold in my shop Plethora.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Would you believe that I only have a few pairs of shoes? My rubber shoes for work, red suede flats for casual days,  and gold gladiator sandals. And I think I should add a little more to these, hehe... but wait! here's a delayed outfit post. Forgive the messy background, I'm just chillin at my lil sister's room, showing her my new glads from Australian :)

and yes...I'm shoe less in this pic, hence the post title :) white tee-bench, vest-surplus shop, boyfriend jeans- thrifted, beanie- khush

Friday, October 15, 2010

impromptu/rush date: explained

My college duty mates and I, my boyfriend's head on my shoulder (we we're not a couple during this time)
I met my boyfriend Bernard in nursing school. We became a couple actually during our third year in college, we had common friends, became close and we're inseparable ever since. We've been together for almost four years, had a share of our ups and downs but we still remain so crazy in love with each other.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

get this look: blake lively

One guilty pleasure of mine is watching Gossip Girl in ETC :) Who wouldn't want to watch the cast wearing the most fashionable clothes well another reason would be watching Blair's scheming plots.

Serena and Dan wearing their own version of the denim trend
 In one scene, I was glad to see an ongoing trend; Denim! Owning  a piece is a very good investment since you can wear it with a sparkly dress like Serena or with your plain old t-shirt and jeans.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

as promised

top- plethora, jeggings- oro intima, brogues- thrifted, necklace- parksquare, fringe bag-from my mom
 I was so happy about my find last night that I had to wear my newly thrifted brogues for our unit meeting today. As usual it was nerve wrecking, reading lots of memos and voicing out concerns for the improvement of our area. And then I went home :P I hurried back not just to create this post but also because I'll still be on duty this evening and I have to rest and do my chores. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

brogue love

Ikeline woven loafers from scroll down to see my actual find!
Because I was missing my boyfriend so bad, I was so sad and I thought that I needed some retail therapy I decided to continue my thrift shopping it was so timely because I've always wanted to find myself a pair of brown brogues, It would be a nice addition to the stylish wardrobe I'm building for myself right now.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

raining cats and dogs

here's a peek on my loot last night, the pics of what they actually look like will be a surprise!
I went to have a thrifting fix yesterday, checked out a few new ukay stores and some were surprisingly closed, hmm...and then I went to my "suking" thrift store and was surprised that they were on SALE! It's like I was possessed or something :P my eyes grew wide and I skimmed the racks and grabbed stuff as fast as I can, at the same time, thinking of the whole look I was going for. I got blazers, a wide legged pant, a sweet pencil skirt, a blouse and I want more!!!

I noticed that I already got dark outside and people were coming in with their umbrellas, it was raining hard and I knew that I had to go home. I vowed myself to go back there the next day to buy some more, I can't believe there are so much that has to be shopped! hihi...all that needs some thinking twice will be decided the next day.

Another decision though...if I'll sell these stuff or just keep them for myself...for the meantime. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

rising through the ashes

camera necklace- park square makati

owl necklace- park square, makati
Since I'm slowly rising up from the dead... "dead tired and lazy to dress up" days, hehe...I'm also buying stuff to build a more fashionable closet just like what I used to have. 

Yesterday I went to SM Makati to meet a buyer, on my way home I passed through Park Square and had the chance to do a little accessory shopping :) You'll see little stalls selling various clothes, shoes and even novelty items such as lighted tops, wire massagers and props for magic shows. What caught my attention was the various selection of accessories... and there I a kid on a candy store.. :P~ But I was so in a hurry to go home because I was so tired and sleepy and browsed on a few stalls, picked on the accessory that I wanted and HAGGLED...haha! they gave me these necklaces each for 150 pesos and I asked for 120 pesos..well, we agreed halfway, so 130 pesos it is :) 

I'd like to buy more but my eyes were so heavy I just might shop without even thinking, so goodbye little trinkets, I'll have to get back to you soon!