Wednesday, October 6, 2010

brogue love

Ikeline woven loafers from scroll down to see my actual find!
Because I was missing my boyfriend so bad, I was so sad and I thought that I needed some retail therapy I decided to continue my thrift shopping it was so timely because I've always wanted to find myself a pair of brown brogues, It would be a nice addition to the stylish wardrobe I'm building for myself right now.

I got these pair for 450 pesos! :)
And there, as I looked down at the racks I saw a pair of brown brogues very similar to the pic above. I actually ignored them twice! first because of the woven style, and second because of the size (its a size 6 and I'm a size 7) but I couldn't ignore the fact that I am searching for a pair of brogues for a long time, and I am determined that I'm going to find one at THAT DAY, maybe  it's because of  the "law of attraction" the brogues came to me! haha! so I fitted the shoe, and just like Cinderella the shoe fits! but sadly; sans the Prince charming, who I am missing sooo bad. 

Hope to see my boyfriend soon or I'll shop my heart out missing him! hehe...

* I also ordered custom made brogues on Archive for  650 pesos each! (will post pics when they arrive)

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