Saturday, October 2, 2010

raining cats and dogs

here's a peek on my loot last night, the pics of what they actually look like will be a surprise!
I went to have a thrifting fix yesterday, checked out a few new ukay stores and some were surprisingly closed, hmm...and then I went to my "suking" thrift store and was surprised that they were on SALE! It's like I was possessed or something :P my eyes grew wide and I skimmed the racks and grabbed stuff as fast as I can, at the same time, thinking of the whole look I was going for. I got blazers, a wide legged pant, a sweet pencil skirt, a blouse and I want more!!!

I noticed that I already got dark outside and people were coming in with their umbrellas, it was raining hard and I knew that I had to go home. I vowed myself to go back there the next day to buy some more, I can't believe there are so much that has to be shopped! hihi...all that needs some thinking twice will be decided the next day.

Another decision though...if I'll sell these stuff or just keep them for myself...for the meantime. :)

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