Friday, October 15, 2010

impromptu/rush date: explained

My college duty mates and I, my boyfriend's head on my shoulder (we we're not a couple during this time)
I met my boyfriend Bernard in nursing school. We became a couple actually during our third year in college, we had common friends, became close and we're inseparable ever since. We've been together for almost four years, had a share of our ups and downs but we still remain so crazy in love with each other.

Our graduation
We both graduated and became nurses, but because it was so hard for us nurses to get a job, he decided to join the military. He went away to Tarlac for his training and because of the Army's rules, we didn't have communication for 4 months, no phone calls, no texting, no letters; we we're both so down and missed each other so much. What motivated me to wait was him telling me that I am his inspiration and that I was the reason why he was doing all of these, for our future. OMG! who wouldn't melt and fall in love more after hearing all of that! 

At the end of his 6th month, he graduated and I came down to Tarlac to visit him. Now he's stationed in Fort Bonifacio and works from 6am to NDT as he calls it.. (No Definite Time) At first it became a struggle for us; being together all the time during our college years and now because of work , we only see each other once every couple of days, (if his time permits it) and when he has the time, and luckily our schedules meet he just calls and texts me.. "rush date?" and we then get dressed up, fix ourselves and meet at the mall. 

a typical date for us would be a big dinner, shopping, then a movie, playing at Timezone then DQ after

Both of us would eat a lot! haha!
then watch a good movie after :)
my boyfriend eating his fave mojos! haha! :)

Every moment is treasured and a lot of stories are told while having a simple hearty meal at our fave restaurants, have fun playing and de-stressing at Timezone and a lot of holding hands and making up for lost time.

God I just love this guy so much!
I could say that I am still lucky that both of us has a job and even though we don't have the luxury to be together most of the time, we make sure that when we see each other, not a moment goes to waste. The time that we're apart just makes us miss each other and love each other more.

And this is the reason why I'm such a hopeless romantic :)

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