Sunday, October 17, 2010

denim and khaki

I never really am the girly girl type, my style really is about comfort and a little tomboy-ish, hehe...
I had a text message from the boyfriend, "date?" and of course I replied, "sure sure!!!" haha! another reason to dress up and I'd love to see my boyfriend again :)
denim polo-thrifted, khaki high waisted shorts- Plethora , belt- Landmark, camera necklace- Parksquare

And Ironically, as a seller of clothes, I am finding it so hard to choose what to wear! I grabbed the khaki short from my next collection and my denim polo, waaaahhh!!!! I had to dress up so fast so I that I can have more time with the BF.

Sorry girls, just borrowed the shorts for a day, it will still be sold in my shop Plethora.

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