Monday, March 21, 2011

Everything happens for a reason

My boyfriend and I watched the Adjustment Bureau last Friday; it was a good movie...we gave it 3/5 stars ( we should have waited for it in DVD) the love story was sweet though. The moral of the story was that everything happens for a reason, not everything goes according to plan, we just have to trust what bigger plan is written for us. The moral of the story is really nice, its something that I live by whenever something unexpected happens that instead of feeling disappointed, I would feel hopeful of what would happen in the future. So any way, here's what I wore :)

Landmark printed chiffon dress and cardigan my fave archive brogues

Here's a pic of my boyfriend and I :) love love love!
I really appreciate the time that my boyfriend is giving me, despite of his very busy schedule. We might not be together during the holidays or even birthdays or anniversaries, but with his effort of always being there whenever he can, and making a day special even if there's no occasion, makes my heart melt and love him more every time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

road test: celeteque facial wash, toner and moisturizer

Went to Watson's yesterday to buy another tube of Celeteque Facial wash, I could say that I was "hiyang" with it because, it was for sensitive skin a.k.a. skin that would easily break out! hehe... because I wanted to try their toner and moisturizer, I got their travel kit, because it was cheaper and was in trial sizes :) very convenient!

*pic taken from the celeteque facebook page

Friday, March 18, 2011

Following a dream

I always wanted to make my own clothes since I was younger. By high school, I knew that I wanted to take up Fine Arts in College, I didn't want to study Fashion Design because I loved all forms of art, like graphic design and photography and I was interested to learn about all of them. But then my uncle, who had a fine arts degree, advised me to follow my family and take up nursing, and pursue my love for arts as a hobby. The obedient daughter that I was, I did what I was told and took up nursing, not because I was pushed or anything, I was also interested in science and the human body too. 
Four years after college and still a nurse, my childhood dream was always at the back of my mind. Not letting go of my love for fashion, I starting selling vintage clothes online. 

here's a view of the clutter of my desk, hehe...full of fashion books and my inspiration board
A few weeks earlier I celebrated my birthday; a year older and definitely wiser. I had a realization, that in my age of 26, I was already thinking and preparing for the future, and thinking of having a family of my own. But then I didn't want to have any regrets of not even trying to reach my goal of learning fashion design or even sewing. My mind was flooded with ideas, as I researched for different Fashion Schools that would be accessible and has reasonable tuition fees. And there it was, Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Where was it located? just a few blocks away from the aesthetic clinic I was working at, What a coincidence!!!!

Fashion Institute of the Philippines website

I bought books at the local bookstores and got myself familiar with the terms, I also found my lola's sewing machine :) vintage love!!! 

a close up view of my grandma's sewing machine, gotta love vintage! :)
my lola's singer sewing machine. revamped with a new wooden case and motor
All that was left now was thinking how I could come up with the tuition fee! haha!! I guess I gotta sell more clothes to help fund my dream! :) my gosh, this will be my biggest investment yet!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its never too late to plan :)

Planners are usually bought at the end or at the beginning of a year to serve its plan the year ahead. I was supposed to get the witty planner because it was so funny, but I realized that a planner that was that pretty would barely have writings all over, I scouted the web and in  bookstores in search for my perfect planner..reasonably priced, functional, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. And there I was, on the second floor of Landmark Makati, feeling giddy with the cute and cheap finds being sold there :) and then I found it..cute, pink and hardbound,with soft pencil illustrations,which was a steal at 89 pesos!

You can plot your plans weekly or monthly. The dates on the pages are also blank so you could start whatever month you want.

Good thing I found this planner, cause I need to plan my life.stat!