Monday, March 21, 2011

Everything happens for a reason

My boyfriend and I watched the Adjustment Bureau last Friday; it was a good movie...we gave it 3/5 stars ( we should have waited for it in DVD) the love story was sweet though. The moral of the story was that everything happens for a reason, not everything goes according to plan, we just have to trust what bigger plan is written for us. The moral of the story is really nice, its something that I live by whenever something unexpected happens that instead of feeling disappointed, I would feel hopeful of what would happen in the future. So any way, here's what I wore :)

Landmark printed chiffon dress and cardigan my fave archive brogues

Here's a pic of my boyfriend and I :) love love love!
I really appreciate the time that my boyfriend is giving me, despite of his very busy schedule. We might not be together during the holidays or even birthdays or anniversaries, but with his effort of always being there whenever he can, and making a day special even if there's no occasion, makes my heart melt and love him more every time.

this dress has the cutest prints ever!! :)
So whenever anything happens not how you planned, always remember that everything happens for a reason, a good reason.

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