Sunday, March 20, 2011

road test: celeteque facial wash, toner and moisturizer

Went to Watson's yesterday to buy another tube of Celeteque Facial wash, I could say that I was "hiyang" with it because, it was for sensitive skin a.k.a. skin that would easily break out! hehe... because I wanted to try their toner and moisturizer, I got their travel kit, because it was cheaper and was in trial sizes :) very convenient!

*pic taken from the celeteque facebook page

Why a bought the set?
1. It is non-comedogenic or it wouldn't clog pores
2. The toner is alcohol free which means that it wouldn't dry your skin
3. It's fragrance-free, which means less of the irritating stuff
4. The moisturizer is water-based, which would mean that it will moisturize without the irritating oils or chemicals
5. lastly, it was cheap at 149 pesos; you can try all 3 products without buying the regular sized containers :)

Hopefully, this set would become my Holy grail skincare regimen :)

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