Sunday, December 30, 2012

Budoy Today

Exactly a year ago, I blogged about some new additions to our family; four- legged best friends that became close to our hearts and were treated as true siblings. Its a great feeling to show you guys an update on how Budoy's doing.

This was Budoy a year ago,, the cute scraggly dog.
Look at Budoy today after the break :)

Vintage Picnic Love Shoot: Official Photos

Remember my post on our First Engagement Shoot styling? here are some of my favorite photos from the couple's official photographers, Ruffa and Mike :)

Truly a memorable photo, despite the rain

More gorgeous photos after the break <3

Saturday, December 29, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar: Day 3

This is it Day 3! We had to make the most out of this day, not only in terms of sales but also to meet and bond with our booth sisters and neighbors :) 

We decided to dress our mannequin in my current favorite look, "Military and Lace"

Friday, December 21, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar: Day2

Since day 1 was a bit of a lull, my sister and I did a few adjustments with our booth, small details like changing a pom pom ball from white to green because it looked better in photos, changed the arrangement of our clothes by placing our tees on the bottom rack and our vintage pieces on the upper rack. We also changed some of our accessories on display.

We sold a lot of tees that night :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar Day 1

At last! after weeks of photo shoots, our bazaar stint and a wedding  I'll finally have time to blog (you could expect more soon!) :) First up is Day 1 of our participation in the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar.

It was really weird that I was very calm that day; actually my mind was telling me to feel the nerves, but I just felt...calm, and sleepy even :P So we had all our stuff packed days before, all that was left was to get the table, chairs, mannequin and clothes rack to our garage, once that was done, my sister and I ate a hearty breakfast.

That's me and my lil sis :)
More awesome photos after the break! <3

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Vintage Picnic Love Shoot

My sister and I have been talking about pursuing styling, well..engagement styling in particular, as a means of expanding our market for our online vintage clothing store. So as soon as my friend Darlene agreed to be our first customer, we started with the planning ASAP.

Here's a sneak peak
I never really thought that engagement shoots were this labor intensive! We were also lucky that our bride-to-be was very hands-on and did the props for the set. All we had to do that day was assist them with their clothes change, show pegs to the Make up artist and set up the picnic area. And I thought is was that easy, specially when it started to rain so hard after we had set up! waaahhh!

Oh the challenges that we went through that day, good thing we were surrounded by very supportive people.

We were also very lucky to have the opportunity to work with the couple's young and creative team, Ruffa and Mike Photography, Marvin Barbarona and Khite Bautista.

Here's what went on that day: