Saturday, December 29, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar: Day 3

This is it Day 3! We had to make the most out of this day, not only in terms of sales but also to meet and bond with our booth sisters and neighbors :) 

We decided to dress our mannequin in my current favorite look, "Military and Lace"

We finished setting up our booth much earlier so my sister and I decided to take outfit posts and wandered around the stalls.

Top- Ombre Vintage, Denim Shorts- DIY, Sandals, SM Solemates

That's me with the gorgeous Patricia of  Happy Buttons :)
They make hand made accessories made of clay, beads and wire. Pretty trinkets perfect to give as gifts for the holiday season.
That's  my sister Audie with Happy Button's artisan Eeay
And then we decided to visit Simone's Closet and met Denise! She was very approachable and down to earth, It was very nice to meet you Denise! We're looking forward to our collaboration soon :)

Here's a few of Denise's (Simone's closet) handmade accessories, all are pretty and affordable
I also had the chance to look around and shop a little for gifts for the holidays and meet our other bazaar "kapit bahays".

More friends dropped by our booth! :)

with Estee and Kirsty :)
But of course we must not forget to eat dinner with all the fun we're having. The boyfriend bought a healthy and hearty meal of grilled chicken and salad with balsamic vinegar at Esprimere Pizza Bar, (thanks to my lil sis who bought me this dinner for the night before too) :)

Grilled Chicken, Salad with balsamic vinegar and Steamed Rice- all for just 100 pesos! :) for  our drinks, we had buko- avocado shake :)
Nards enjoying his buko- avocado shake, chillin' at the back room :)
I am really thankful that we had survived our first 3- day bazaar. We still learned a lot and took note on what we needed to improve for our next bazaar. Over all, I am sincerely grateful to God for my family and friends who showed support in any way that they can. 

We are definitely looking forward to a more awesome bazaar stint next year! :) Have an awesome 2013 girls!

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