Wednesday, December 19, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar Day 1

At last! after weeks of photo shoots, our bazaar stint and a wedding  I'll finally have time to blog (you could expect more soon!) :) First up is Day 1 of our participation in the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar.

It was really weird that I was very calm that day; actually my mind was telling me to feel the nerves, but I just felt...calm, and sleepy even :P So we had all our stuff packed days before, all that was left was to get the table, chairs, mannequin and clothes rack to our garage, once that was done, my sister and I ate a hearty breakfast.

That's me and my lil sis :)
More awesome photos after the break! <3
Unlike last year's bazaar, the weather was fairly good, everything seemed to be perfect, well even the date was perfect, 12-12-12 :) 

So we arrived at the venue just as scheduled, then suddenly my sister and I started wondering who we are sharing our booth with, and luckily it was with my sister's office mate, Eeay and her friend Patricia :)

After weeks of preparation, we are finally making our plans a reality :) I wanted that our booth be different from other retailers of clothes and accessories, since we were selling vintage clothes and vintage- inspired accessories, we then went for the dainty, shabby chic look. 

Because of the small area I still wanted to make our booth very inviting so that the buyers would still want to look inside; we only used one clothes rack, and brought our own (smaller) table for the accessories. For the table, I used burlap and an off-white vintage lace scarf and unconventional items to showcase our accessories. We hung white lace curtains, placed a row of photos of fashion bloggers right above our clothes rack and made colorful pom pom balls suspended above our accessories table, so that the customers would still be interested to look at our table of goodies. Over- all I was very happy with the outcome, It was exactly how I imagined it.

Day 1: Our table filled with vintage- inspired and unique accessories

That's me with Patrica and Eeay, owner/sellers of Happy Buttons Handmade Accessories

Had to model our  peacock statement earrings so that the buyers would know how it was worn (and that marketing strategy was VERY effective!) The perfect conversation  starter.

Here's a photo of myself with our very first customer for the day! :)

Took a photo of my lil sis dressing up our mannequin :) She's living her dream too!

My co- nurses, Blestea and Tiff who visited and shopped at our booth
All of us were giddy as soon as familiar faces walked in at our humble booth, my co- nurses Blestea and Tiff visited and shopped :) and then they saw the labels and business cards they helped me with, heart was filled with happiness for having friends that are sweet and supportive. I love you girls! :)

My clinic "suki"s diving in at the pile of clothes that I had in our back room
Since we've just used only 1 clothes rack, we had bags of clothes stored at the back of our booth, (never again will we purchase a half- booth, hahaha!) so I had some of my friends take a look at more goodies that I have at the back. :)

My sister has very supportive friends too! Thanks Guys!
And lastly before the night ended, the military boyfriend decided to drop by (with the posters that he had printed for the booth) :) (*sweeeeeeett!!!) This was the first time that he saw me in action, selling and interacting with the customers, it meant the world to me, for him to be there and support me and see me actually doing what I "LOVE" and what I am passionate about.

My boyfriend Nards and I at the cashier :)
So that's it for Day 1 guys, I'd be posting more  soon! But how about you?

Have you visited our booth last December 12- 14 or bought at our booth? Tell us about it! :)

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