Friday, December 21, 2012

9 Days of Christmas Bazaar: Day2

Since day 1 was a bit of a lull, my sister and I did a few adjustments with our booth, small details like changing a pom pom ball from white to green because it looked better in photos, changed the arrangement of our clothes by placing our tees on the bottom rack and our vintage pieces on the upper rack. We also changed some of our accessories on display.

We sold a lot of tees that night :)

Here's my sister, putting on our first look on the mannequin. We've used this in a prenup shoot a couple of weeks ago; and since we were marketing our prenup styling services, we decided to imply it to our customers visually, by the mannequin's clothes and a framed photo of our very first prenup styling stint.

My sister Audie and I during the ingress
Day 2 started very good for us, we had a customer who noticed our convertible snake bangle/ necklace (because she couldn't find one anywhere else) and almost bought it all to give as gifts for her friends! 

Most of our accessories got sold because of this lady right here! Thank you very much ma'am
And when I feel tired or stressed, I just look above at our lovely pom pom balls, ahhh....relaxing :)

When people ask about our pieces, we gladly show them how they could style it, like this piece right here. I had customers smirk at the sight of the snakes but were particularly interested on how the piece was worn, so with a few small talk and demonstration, the customers were interested- talk about customer interaction! :)

As I man the booth, I immediately noticed a familiar face! I completely forgot to ask for her name, but as soon as I made small talk, I knew that she was our very first customer from last year's bazaar. She still remembered us too; and because I knew that she loved vintage and pleated dresses, I recommended  that green pleated lace hemmed skirt.

Super sweet customer who bought from us last year too. Thank you! :)
More of my sister's officemates

The perfect poster for our store! :)
My co- workers Doc Kim and Ma'am Ruth
Aaaand.... before pack up, Nards arrived from work just to help us! :) I just love this guy to bits!

OO ako na ang kinikilig! hahahaha! This was the very first time he fetched me while wearing his uniform.

Our Sales were a lot higher that night, thank God. That's it for day 2 girls! :)

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