Sunday, December 30, 2012

Budoy Today

Exactly a year ago, I blogged about some new additions to our family; four- legged best friends that became close to our hearts and were treated as true siblings. Its a great feeling to show you guys an update on how Budoy's doing.

This was Budoy a year ago,, the cute scraggly dog.
Look at Budoy today after the break :)

He has grown so BIG! :)

Loves to pose for the camera and smiles when told so.

He can look serious and doesn't move until you get that decent shot.

Head held high :) parang 1 x 1 pic lang Budoy ah! can be playful naman Budoy!

Ayan! :) 
Budoy was still never aggressive, even in his large frame, he still acts like a puppy and still loves affection.

Exhibit A: Here my sister pets Budoy, look at THAT SMILE on his face, hahaha!!!

And when I told him I'll take a picture, he just stood there and smiled in front of me.

I believe dogs can show various facial expressions :)

From all the pets that we have, Budoy's the largest. He's the perfect guard dog, "ang lakas ng tahol, panakot lang" but he's one of the most obedient and behaved dogs that we've had.

We are looking forward to more years with you big guy! :) You're still a puppy in our eyes. You have been a blessing to our family and we love you so much!

P.S. This is our new kitten we named "Fish" ! :)

Happy New Year!

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