Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying the skinfood aloe sun BB cream shade #2

I got my package three days ago from bhappywithme (a reputable eBay seller of Asian beauty products) and got it waaaayy cheaper than the mall price of 1,250 pesos!!! best of all I got some freebie product samples pa! Happiness!!! :)

I heard about the raves on BB creams or "Beauty Balms" I instantly got intrigued since it claims that it improves and helps heal skin. I then searched for reviews and got interested with a specific brand, Skinfood! with its very cute packaging, they also use organic ingredients that I believe would prevent me from getting breakouts or aggravate my skin problems. 

And so...I cleansed my face, patted it dry then started to put some of the product on my face. I got the shade #2 of the Aloe sun BB cream for medium/beige toned skin.

Product description: (according to the packaging)

Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+
Rich with Aloe, which possesses excellent hydrating properties and soothing effect, this multi-functional skin care product (UV protector and blemish corrector) provides moisture and nutrition to your skin while providing protection from UV rays.

Price: 588 pesos (+shipping) online, 1,250 pesos for 50g on malls


Consistency: 5/5 easy to pump out, easy to blend and matte when applied to the skin.
Smell: 4/5 The product has a unique fresh scent that is non irritating
Coverage: 5/5 Didn't necessarily cover but evened out redness around the nose, eye bags, pimple scars and improves how my skin looked
Oil control: 4/5 In my 12 hour shift in an air conditioned hospital, my t- zone became dewy and not oily, the rest of the face is matte, my whole complexion is still great.

Overall: 4/5 for now..
By day three I've gotten compliments that I look blooming daw even though i' m on night shifts, but I have to use it for a longer period of time though to see more significant results but so far I'm loving what I see :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

it's about time

from an impromptu/ rush date- top and blazer-thrifted, jeggings- multiply, deep red flats- greenhills tiangge
 It's been three years since college, the glory days of weekly (or even daily!) ukay/thrift shopping and writing fashion articles for my school paper (The Senior Concordian); now I wear my scrubs almost everyday and only dress up for unit meetings and impromptu dates with my boyfriend (to be explained later...hehe..)

I kinda miss those days where you look forward to the school wash day and school events thinking of something fashionable to wear, now I do my thrift shopping for my online store plethora and in rare instances, for myself. I realized that I had to take my love with fashion to the back seat, temporarily because I have to focus on my profession, but I can never let go of what's in my heart completely.

During my time off, I got inspired by reading other fashion blogs and decided to give it a try. I also wanted to share where I buy my clothes, how I wear them, the things that I love...or hate...and then learn from these amazing ladies too!

Beauty will be covered to! since I have combination, sensitive skin; I'm always on the hunt for products that I can use that are long wearing (because I have 12 hour shifts) and is good for my skin, I'll also share my reviews about the products that I am loving now.

Wow, I can't believe that I have been staring at this blank page for days now, thinking of what to write for my first post and luckily it's finished! hopefully this is not the last :)