Sunday, March 13, 2011

Its never too late to plan :)

Planners are usually bought at the end or at the beginning of a year to serve its plan the year ahead. I was supposed to get the witty planner because it was so funny, but I realized that a planner that was that pretty would barely have writings all over, I scouted the web and in  bookstores in search for my perfect planner..reasonably priced, functional, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. And there I was, on the second floor of Landmark Makati, feeling giddy with the cute and cheap finds being sold there :) and then I found it..cute, pink and hardbound,with soft pencil illustrations,which was a steal at 89 pesos!

You can plot your plans weekly or monthly. The dates on the pages are also blank so you could start whatever month you want.

Good thing I found this planner, cause I need to plan my life.stat!

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