Friday, March 18, 2011

Following a dream

I always wanted to make my own clothes since I was younger. By high school, I knew that I wanted to take up Fine Arts in College, I didn't want to study Fashion Design because I loved all forms of art, like graphic design and photography and I was interested to learn about all of them. But then my uncle, who had a fine arts degree, advised me to follow my family and take up nursing, and pursue my love for arts as a hobby. The obedient daughter that I was, I did what I was told and took up nursing, not because I was pushed or anything, I was also interested in science and the human body too. 
Four years after college and still a nurse, my childhood dream was always at the back of my mind. Not letting go of my love for fashion, I starting selling vintage clothes online. 

here's a view of the clutter of my desk, hehe...full of fashion books and my inspiration board
A few weeks earlier I celebrated my birthday; a year older and definitely wiser. I had a realization, that in my age of 26, I was already thinking and preparing for the future, and thinking of having a family of my own. But then I didn't want to have any regrets of not even trying to reach my goal of learning fashion design or even sewing. My mind was flooded with ideas, as I researched for different Fashion Schools that would be accessible and has reasonable tuition fees. And there it was, Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Where was it located? just a few blocks away from the aesthetic clinic I was working at, What a coincidence!!!!

Fashion Institute of the Philippines website

I bought books at the local bookstores and got myself familiar with the terms, I also found my lola's sewing machine :) vintage love!!! 

a close up view of my grandma's sewing machine, gotta love vintage! :)
my lola's singer sewing machine. revamped with a new wooden case and motor
All that was left now was thinking how I could come up with the tuition fee! haha!! I guess I gotta sell more clothes to help fund my dream! :) my gosh, this will be my biggest investment yet!

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