Thursday, October 28, 2010


I chose a simple black damask design for my card :)

A few months back, there were ongoing posts and rumors that Globe is going to have a GCash card, it promises users to cash out money from a machine just like a regular ATM card; a lot of sellers got interested of course but we have yet to wait for an official announcement from Globe.

upload your own valid ID picture
Then last October, I got a text message saying that it was indeed true, so before giving out my MPIN, I searched their site, read the terms and conditions, and filled out the online application form. What I liked about the procedure is, aside form their design templates you can customize your card with your own design or picture, of course still keeping in mind their Image guidelines and policies. Upon sending the form, you will receive a request from Globe, collecting 100 pesos of  GCash from your wallet as payment for your GCash card Application. After that a transaction number will appear, this should be presented with a photocopy of your valid ID upon the delivery of your card.

I then sent my application last October 12, 2010 and it arrived yesterday. Exactly 2 weeks after! :) This is really a great idea from Globe, hassle- free cash outs for busy people like me. 

How about you? What's your Gcash card design? :)

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