Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yeah yeah, I know this is a late post, since January is practically ending, hehe... so let me start by telling you how I spent my New Year's Eve. was unfortunate that I got scheduled for hospital duty at 6am for January 1, so you could imagine my demise of not having to celebrate with my family, but just trying my best to sleep the night before. So, there I was trying to sleep at 10pm even though firecrackers are already firing in their glory. I just prayed and closed my eyes and before I knew it, I was off to dreamland..."clang clang clang" grandmother woke me up as soon as the clock struck 12!!! waaaahhh!!!! I was so angry, but because of respect I kept it to myself. I then quickly ate a hearty media noche with my family and went to bed by 1am.

And then, my phone rang. It was already 6am, and It slipped my mind that I was supposed to go to the hospital for duty!!! WHAT A WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR!

After that very tiring and toxic duty, I told to myself that this wasn't going to be my whole year. And an exciting series of events came my way :) all of these are to be posted very soon!

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