Friday, October 22, 2010

how to wear the 80's trend

A fellow online seller gave me an idea for my post today, she was asking what she would wear to an office 80's party. Wow! it really sounded simple because most of us were born in that era but when you stop to think about all those crazy 80's fashion, it was really hard to decide what to wear! so I tried to research how to wear the 80's trends and make it more modern and a little bit more acceptable to the public. :P

I have three trends in mind:

1. First, the oversized tee + leggings = a.k.a. the flashdance look, hehe...

of course this look is too sexy for work! haha!
take this modern take on the flashdance look thanks to sienna miller
If you have the jeggings and the brogues, add this top from Plethora to complete your look!

2. Our second trend from the 80's is the lace romantic popularized by Madonna
pair black lace with fishnet stockings and pile up on heavy chain accessories to toughen up your look
if you want this lace look a little more muted, get this skirt instead
feel sexy with this sheer lace dress on sale on Plethora
3. The third look is the Dynasty shoulder pad trend
definitely a fashion faux pax
pair an oversized blazer with a tapered pant and laid back blouse for an update of the shoulder pad look
both jackets are available on sale at Plethora
How would you wear the 80's trend? :)

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