Thursday, October 21, 2010

plethora loves MY SWEET SHOPPE

BEFORE- my amateur effort in making my shop's layout

As an online seller, I am constantly finding ways to improve my shop. And my shop's layout is as important as the clothes that I am selling :) It should convey the chicness, feminine and simple style that what a Plethora woman is. Of course its not just about the aesthetics, the colors that would make a woman shop on my online store but also how the navigations are placed; what is most accessible for the buyer? the colors used; if it would showcase the items being sold. So I almost change my shop's layout quarterly for a fresh new look! :) I have worked with different designers, experienced being on the wait list and paying tons for every page element added...and then I stumbled upon mysweetshoppe of course, attracted by her minimal, cute layout I browsed her site, and then I saw that she offers site revamps!

Let me enumerate what I loved about her service:

1. She has a FIXED price of 200 pesos of 2 column layouts and 250 for 3 column layouts, this includes the header, footer, background, welcome image and even the navigation links for both header and left rail!! (OMG!!! this was the reason why I got her, other designers would charge a minimum of 600 pesos with a minimun number of links, additional links and a welcome image would be another charge)

2. THERE IS NO WAITING LIST- after sending the order form, she would then PM you about the other details needed, color scheme, link list and all. No need to wait for a couple of months :)

3. She is very easy to talk to- with all the revisions, and "pangungulit" she still remained to be very patient and professional :)

4. The end product is what she promised, a clean minimal layout- which I love!

AFTER- thanks to Ven, my shop has a new sweeter life! :)

*for 200 pesos and a day, this is clearly a steal if you want your sites revamped! More power Ven! and I'll definitely come back and let you design my layout in the future :) click HERE to check out my shop's revamp! :)

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