Thursday, October 7, 2010

as promised

top- plethora, jeggings- oro intima, brogues- thrifted, necklace- parksquare, fringe bag-from my mom
 I was so happy about my find last night that I had to wear my newly thrifted brogues for our unit meeting today. As usual it was nerve wrecking, reading lots of memos and voicing out concerns for the improvement of our area. And then I went home :P I hurried back not just to create this post but also because I'll still be on duty this evening and I have to rest and do my chores. 
brogues- thrifted, fringe bag- from my mom, camera necklace- park square
 And as promised, here's what I wore ( please bear with the photos, I don't have a DSLR but my cam gets me through my product listings and I think that's what is practical right now) I wanted to dress stylish but still comfortable; my top is from my shop plethora, it was posted for a long time but since no one wanted to get it, I decided to keep it for myself :) I then paired it with my fave jeggings from Oro Intima at the Landmark, they usually make hosiery (I bought from them those white stockings that I used throughout nursing school) but now they have a wide selection of jeggings of different cuts and colors, this one is my fave! It looks exactly like blue jeans,  I bought a dark one too and I'll blog about them soon for more pics and reviews. My accessories are from Parksquare and my shoes were the ones that I found last night.

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