Friday, October 1, 2010

rising through the ashes

camera necklace- park square makati

owl necklace- park square, makati
Since I'm slowly rising up from the dead... "dead tired and lazy to dress up" days, hehe...I'm also buying stuff to build a more fashionable closet just like what I used to have. 

Yesterday I went to SM Makati to meet a buyer, on my way home I passed through Park Square and had the chance to do a little accessory shopping :) You'll see little stalls selling various clothes, shoes and even novelty items such as lighted tops, wire massagers and props for magic shows. What caught my attention was the various selection of accessories... and there I a kid on a candy store.. :P~ But I was so in a hurry to go home because I was so tired and sleepy and browsed on a few stalls, picked on the accessory that I wanted and HAGGLED...haha! they gave me these necklaces each for 150 pesos and I asked for 120 pesos..well, we agreed halfway, so 130 pesos it is :) 

I'd like to buy more but my eyes were so heavy I just might shop without even thinking, so goodbye little trinkets, I'll have to get back to you soon!

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