Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIYs and a Sneak Peek

To cut our costs and to give our store a more hand made touch, we decided to do a lot of DIY projects. Good thing my friends came in handy to help me cut, stamp and fold stuff for our booth.

Last year, we only had Large and Extra Large sized brown paper bags for our products, though we knew months before, we came unprepared and totally forgot to buy bags for out smaller products. And now more aware of our shortcomings, we made sure that we had thought of even this little detail, that we recycled old magazines to make small and extra small sized paper bags.

Old Magazines BEFORE now turned into...

Small and Medium Sized paper bags for our accessories, because last year we only had large and XL sized paper bags to place our small products into, this time we made sure we'll not forget to make some.
We finished only one magazine because we still had patients :)
Cheese cloth BEFORE now turned into....
Labels! :) we'll just stamp the price behind and attach them to our clothes and accessories. I just love how rustic and vintage it looks :)
Kraft paper boards from Papemelroti
That we still stamped with our store details that we're going to use as business cards.
 In the end, we had a lot of time bonding and having fun looking at our creations. Thank God for my creative and supportive friends :)

And now for our sneak peek for the day: This Silk Embroidered Cardigan
The embroidery in this piece and the soft silk is perfect for topping off dresses and plain tank tops.

Don't forget to mark your calendars and visit us this December girls, more pretty vintage clothes await you!

At the 9 Days of Christmas Bazaar, December 12-14 Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle Makati

BOOTH (D19) on December 12-14, 2012

Special thanks to my girls:

Blestea, Estee, Tiff and Da.. I love you girls :)

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