Saturday, December 3, 2011

Im up to the challenge! Day 01: A photo of you, taken today.

The 30 day blog challenge that is... :) My friends Love, Khel and Marion decided that were going to do this 30 day challenge to help us post more topics on our blogs, Love already started a couple of weeks ago and most of us really just dragged this piece of paper around but haven't really posted anything from the list. 

I really haven't posted anything for days because I was preoccupied with the upcoming flea market; I wanted to think something other than that event just to clear my mind and then I decided to take on this challenge :) hopefully you could get to know me too in a more personal level. So lets start:

The list

Day 1: A Photo of you, taken today.

I was supposed to meet with the boyf this afternoon, unfortunately as I was getting ready; he texted me that he won't be able to come visit me, usual another military activity is on the works and he was REQUIRED to attend to whatever activity that was. Since I was made up I took a lot of photos of myself with my phone to keep myself busy; sayang naman :P

Still loving my curls! Can't wait for day 2 :)

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