Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 10: My Dream Wedding

Aahh... the enigmatic event that every young girl dreamed of.. well including myself :)

But I never really dreamed of it in detail when I was younger; I just wanted to find my own true love; if it truly exists. I'm in a long term relationship right now, 5 years to be exact. He did not propose to me formally or anything, but we talked about spending our lives together. :) We even went to a Wedding Expo a couple of years ago just to have an idea on how much a wedding really costs; and we just got all giddy and had our hands all sweaty when people asked when our wedding date was going to be. Haha! I know it was a risky move to bring my boyfriend there which I thought could possibly scare him away, but 2 years later he's still here, and we're both still madly in love with each other :P

So here's what my dream wedding looks like:

Vintage, Eco- chic, Rustic, Military Wedding! :)

An exquisite vintage inspired gown

Simple flowers

An outdoor reception with rustic pieces

A fun reception with family and friend plus the pretty sparklers
And these priceless reactions from my soldier :) Hahaha!

Every bride deserves this

My dream wedding ultimately is just about me and the one that I love. As long as the celebration would be shared with our family and friends, the people who witnessed how our love grew it would definitely be the dream that I'll be looking forward to happen. 

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  1. Aww, these photos are so pretty! Lovely lace dress. Beautiful inspiring wedding photos :)