Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Empty Street

Took some photos with my workmates at Ayala Ave. after our duty last night. The streets of Ayala and Makati Avenue were closed since December 29 in preparation for the New Year's Eve countdown party.

Ayala Avenue

With Kirsty and Khel :)

There were also a lot of people outside taking photos and even planking along Ayala

Pretty lights at Ayala Triangle
And before I forget, here's what I wore to work yesterday.

Dress- Fashion Fruit, Braided Belt- Landmark, Studded Gladiator flats- Rosanna Pena, Bag- SM Makati

I always bring 2 bags to work, 1 big bag with a lot of pockets to keep my stuff organized and something that would be big enough to fit my netbook; another Eco Bag for my packed lunch and orders for pick up :)

Its been two years since Makati had a New Year's Eve party because of the Gas Leak incident at Bangkal; I guess this is going to be a great comeback party for the fun- loving residents of our beloved city. Get your polka- dots ready girls and lets celebrate New Year, Makati- style! :)  

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