Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 05: A Day in my life

Here random photos taken throughout my usual work day.

I start the day with a short prayer, thanking God for giving me another day to live. My room is at my lola's house but I basically live with my parents next door. Here's a photo of a view of our garden, the one that I see everyday whenever I go back to my parent's house next door for breakfast :)

I then quickly check my mail and Multiply shop for newly verified orders and schedule them for pick up with the orders that I have prepared the night before. I do my morning ritual and then commute to Ayala riding a jeepney.

The Nurses' Station
While waiting for patients to arrive, we file the charts from yesterday's patient's

Today I'm assigned with the Candela, our laser hair removal machine. We cater an average of 15 patients for this machine everyday.

Lunch time! most of us bring packed lunch to work, saves time and money ;p

On our free time my co-nurses helped me with the bunting flags that I'm going to use for Friday's Flea Market. Thanks guys! :) 

6 o' clock! sometimes I meet up and have dinner with the bf, unfortunately he's busy so I'm going straight home.

Working Dinner! 
If I come home after my family eats dinner, I usually check my mail while I'm eating.

Check out my desktop background :) Keeps me inspired

Last one who eats get to do the dishes :P 
I also blog after dinner then do my beauty ritual, thank God again and sleep. :) 

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