Monday, November 28, 2011

My First Stracurl @ Beauty Brick

I've been growing my hair out for months now, the whole waiting time; I was on the look out for the perfect salon to have it done. Finally, I've decided to get a perm at Beauty Brick.

Here's a little rundown on how my experience went: 

While waiting for Mr. Shin, his staff asked me to look at some clear books of hairstyles so that the stylist would have an idea of what I wanted.

After examining my hair, Mr. Shin then trimmed my hair and added some layers. I opted not to have bangs to prevent breakouts, I noticed that I was prone to breakouts when I had bangs before e, sayang :P

Mr. Shin at the counter :P busy!
Yes I have curls, unfortunately "curly tops" nga lang.  That's why I decided to have a Stracurl- "half- rebond, half- digiperm". Panalo! :) Then they started to rebond the top part of my hair.

The staff were very efficient, they did procedures in groups :)

Thanks to my BF for these cute studded gladiator sandals, which were according to him has a lot of  "Alamat"
a.k.a. Studs

After ironing my hair

They then attached these medium sized rollers with tissue and wired my hair to the digiperm machine
After just 15 mins Ayan naa!!!- The staff unraveling the curls
The whole procedure was done in 5 hours so be prepared before going to the salon, take a heavy breakfast, hehe :)

As they were finishing my curls, the staff gave me instructions on how to care for my newly permed hair. 

1. Your'e not supposed to wet your hair for 24 hours
2. After 48 hours, you can then condition your hair and after 72 hours you can wash and condition your hair.
3. Part your hair in two and twist it over your shoulders and AIR DRY. Remember to separate the curls before applying your hair product.
4. For products you have 2 options- if your hair is 75% dry you can apply hair gel for wet looking curls OR for a smooth and manageable perm, wait until your hair is COMPLETELY AIR DRIED and apply an ample amount of Gatsby hard wax with 2 drops of hair serum.
5. Apply the product while scrunching your hair.
6. Don't forget to condition your hair.

Voila! the finished product :) 
Overall, I highly recommend Beauty Brick! They lived up to my expectations; gave quality service and the perfect perm at a reasonable price (digiperm- starts at 3,500 pesos and stracurl- starts at 4,500 pesos). What I loved most is their aftercare, the staff told me that Mr. Shin always wanted to text his clients and ask how their perms were holding up. :) 

This was a great experience for me, I'll definitely be saving up and come back as soon as my curls get loose!

Mon - Sat:10:00 am-8:00 pm