Monday, November 7, 2011

Global Pinoy Bazaar + Sneak Peek

Right after the orientation, I met up with my lil sis at Rockwell to become more inspired (my younger sis, is planning to put up her own business too; she is more passionate about food so we found inspiration among the different pastries and goodies Rockwell and the Global Pinoy Bazaar.

Yabang Pinoy is hosting Global Pinoy Bazaar is happening on November 5-6 from 10am-10pm at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City. 

We found this quirky sign right outside the tents; hindi ko nga napansin! I thought it was the usual signage that we see on the streets, hindi pala! Kakatuwa! :)

Translation: no haggling; may cause fainting (hahaha! I tried! )
The Digiprint booth just outside the venue then offered to take photos of both me and my lil sis for free!

Various photo books and  products of Digiprint
We then saw the owner of Choco atbp., a really sweet big guy who happens to be my seat mate during the Brown Bag Market Orientation. He was there with his whole family; her daughters were even the ones who gave out samples and made hot choco drinks. I tried their Regular Batirol blend which is a mix of native cacao and ground peanuts. Ooohh!!! I just wanted to melt right there, sipping that hot choco in a rainy day was really relaxing, certified comfort food talaga! :) They also had us try their "Tiltilan" which means "sawsawan" in tagalog. Super Tiltilan is a flavorful blend of the choicest local fish roe, garlic and spices, it was really affordable; its being sold for 185 pesos/ 230 grams. Its really yummy even with crackers!

I also saw one of my favorite stores, Izzo! :) I just bought a DSLR camera bag from them and its really durable, has pretty prints and is very affordable. And then I noticed a camera strap the goes with the print of my camera bag, luckily I just grabbed the last piece.

Izzo shop's cute stall

Dainty camera bags in various colors and prints
My sister and I with the owner of Izzo :)
Bought this for only 300 pesos
There are also keyboard rings, lego accessories, magnetic memos that could be unique gifts.

Finally we came across Witty will save the World Co.,s Stall and bought these Paperpod Seed Paper. It these words attached to the cards:

Wishes Grow. Yeah they do.

1. Whatever the occasion may be, write your well wishes and good cheer for your special people.
2. As you give your gift, or even just the card, don't forget to tell them this, "Moisten the card and place inside any sealed container. Keep it humid inside. For 3 days, watch and wait for your seed sprouts to appear. Replant the sprouts in soil. Know that my wishes stand from now until forever."


Their wordings in a witty manner never fails to make me smile (nakakatawa kaya :p), so I bought a couple of cards because I was so moved by the idea of giving the people that I care about something so nice. Naks

After a couple of minutes of walking around the stalls, lil sis craved for and ala king from KFC, it was yummy pala :) Haaayy...what a fun and tiring day!

A big serving of chicken fillet, yummy gravy and buttered corn :) It was worth it!
Here's another sneak peek: Heather Dress*

*This piece will only be available on our stall at the Brown Bag Market on December 9, 2011 and I really hope to meet you all there soon! 

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