Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meeting Ruffa and Mike

Ruffa and Mike
I could spend the whole day in front of the PC surfing around the internet about photography. Luckily, with all those hours spent; I discovered a gem right here, Ruffa and Mike a young couple so madly in love so contagious you could see it from the couples in their photos. They're quite new in the business but as I went through their blog, I've never seen an impressive portfolio from an up and coming talent as theirs.

So when my close friend Marion  asked me for some recommendations I just showed her Ruffa and Mike's blog and she was sold with the idea! and yesterday evening we met up with them.


Taken from their blog:

"We are Ruffa and Michael Paglalunan, a husband-and-wife photography team who love to share modern fine art imagery inspired by love and life. We’re based in Philippines capturing weddings and portraits with omnipresent and fashionable approach. Our passion is to capture exceptional spark between couples, family and friends genuinely from our unique imaginative perspective."

The couple were really simple and down to earth; there weren't any age gap (maybe a minimal age gap, haha!) so the atmosphere throughout our meeting was so exciting it felt like we were just brainstorming with our "kabarkadas" :)

Mike is a driven man, very articulate in introducing his company and explaining their photography style to us. Ruffa was this bubbly young mom who was so pretty even without make up; they were very open for ideas and suggestions; all of the questions were answered overall they're just really nice to work with. They are really ready for challenges and even wanted to photograph Marion and her fiancĂ©e in the weirdest most unique venues you could ever think of. Their rates are also flexible so that's a plus! 

SEAL THE DEAL! Contract signing na! 

L-R: Marion, Ruffa and Mike

L-R Marion, Myself and Ruffa (and her voucher haha!) 
My friend Marion also gave Ms. Ruffa a voucher for Fractional Laser, a treatment for her stretch marks :) She was so cute and giddy all through out the meeting. (Ms. Ruffa! We'll wait for the both of you sa clinic ha! :) )
May consultation na ganap!
Finally here are a few of my favorite shots taken from their website:

Great use of Natural Lighting

Unique location and Great perspective

I love how they capture a genuine "kilig moment" through their photos

Modern Prenup Shot

Again, a great use of location and perspective

who would've thought that an amphitheater would become a beautiful backdrop like this

If I'd get married in the near future, I'll definitely be considering Ruffa and Mike to be my wedding photographers; with great photos like these as an investment you'll be flipping the pages of your wedding album for all the years to come.

Here are my pending sneak peeks for the Brown Bag Market this December 9, 2011: Chiffon floral top and Brown suede vest*

**This piece will only be available at the Brown Bag Vintage and Crafts Market at the Filipinas Heritage Library on December 9, 2011. See you there! :)

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