Friday, November 4, 2011

Shooting Boudoir Style Photos

I blogged a couple of days ago that I was going to shoot photos of my friends boudoir style ( Thank God for supportive/ "kikay" friends). Here are a couple of my post processed shots.

Historically, the boudoir formed part of the private suite of rooms of a lady, for bathing and dressing, adjacent to her bedchamber, being the female equivalent of the male cabinet. In later periods, the boudoir was used as a private drawing room, and was used for other activities, such as embroidery or spending time with one's romantic partner. (source)

In photography

A great deal of "boudoir" is now created in the photographer's studio or in luxury hotel suites, where it has become very fashionable to create a set of sensual images for women in "boudoir style". This often takes the shape of partly clothed images or images in lingerie, and has become more than just a passing fad for brides to surprise their future husbands. Although in the past there were many negative connotations associated with boudoir photography, in recent years the trend has begun to gain momentum, and the entire look of boudoir photography has begun to change.
Bridal boudoir photography is becoming particularly popular. Brides often have an album of boudoir style photographs made as a present for their soon to be husbands. Other common themes for boudoir photography are anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, weight loss, maternity, any form of body change or alteration (breast augmentation or reduction, etc.), and for soldiers overseas. (source)

But with our Filipina values its seems like its going to be hard for this trend to take off. But as I researched, famous wedding photographers already offers this kind of service for the open- minded Filipina. You would notice that most clients would want that a female photographer shoot them.

Seeing yourself in the peak of your beauty and youth would seem empowering; whatever size she may be. It actually doesn't matter if you have all those scars or stretch marks; what matters is that your real natural beauty is what is being captured and immortalized. 

This was really a fun experience shooting the girls and I would definitely do it again :) Being able to go through the challenge of getting the perfect lighting, the flattering pose, everything was worth it. I am really happy that they agreed that I shoot photos of them for free, hehe...

How about you? Would you consider having a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for your fiancĂ©e or something to keep for yourself? :)

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