Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Challenge + Day 15 Sneak Peek

I saw this video above while I was logging in my Chictopia account. I know I have just been shamelessly plugging most of the time here in my blog just because I really don't have much interesting events happening in my life other than my shop; I'm really happy thrifting beautiful clothes and sharing it to all of you. But upon seeing the video I felt challenged that I need to put up more outfit posts than I should; no excuses. :)

Yes working as a nurse is less than glamorous; but going to go to work in civilian clothing is the best opportunity for me to dress up. So here is my challenge; (please pray that I'd keep up with it the whole week!) I'll be wearing vintage clothes in my whole 5 days of duty; and therefore posting new outfit posts on my site; hopefully the video above would help me.

And now for my regular shameless plug; a sneak peek of my pick for the upcoming flea market on December:  Floral Cotton On Dress

The Dress has a bandage style skirt that's so sexy 

Love the floral print

Amy L.
Here's a dress with the same print; found it on lookbook :) Well that's it guys, I'm really optimistic for the week ahead so wish me luck!


  1. Hihi, I love this video, especially 'cause it's true. You always see these looks.

  2. @Maike- Hope I could pull these off and not look silly, haha! :P