Friday, November 25, 2011

Seller Feature: Les Roux

Ever wondered what Les Roux meant? yup, rolls nicely on your tongue eh? Here's another reason to get to know Les Roux ( Be warned! this post is photo heavy, its hard not to post all of their stuff here! :) )

Nickname: Ally
Age: 25
Profession: Entrepreneur

What style of clothes do you sell? 

Pretty Me: We offer trendy, but not over-the-top designs. From casual preppy wears to dainty cocktail dresses. We manufacture limited quantity of designs while some, is sourced it out abroad to give a different twist to our brand.

Ooohh! that top is so adorable!

Les RouxLes Roux is actually a place in France, it is where dainty white vintage cottages are found. that's what I exactly envisioned for Les Roux. Girly, dainty, but not too sweet. We also offer dynamic quirky pieces that are absolutely wonderful to add to your collections . Our trinkets are from all over the globe, we handpicked most of our accessories from our travels abroad. Les Roux is not just your ordinary accessory brand, we continually add new pieces in our collection, researching , gathering is a never ending task for us! So that we could only offer the best.

Attaching the feather extensions
We offering a new product, it's feather extensions. it's not your ordinary clip on feather extensions,. Our feather extensions are similar to the "real" hair extensions that are usually done in US. The feather is attached to the real hair and it can last for more than a month! You can wash, blowdry, iron, flat iron it! You can treat it like your real hair. They can visit on of our bazaars, we attach the feather extensions on the spot for free! We do have alot of colors to choose from!

Describe your personal style. 
I'm more of the casual type, I don't really like wearing over the top fashion pieces (Do I make sense? LOL) I purchase more of staple wear items rather that purchasing a piece of clothing that's really "in" now and next week it's not. Though I really like the fitted skirts that's trending now, it hugs the lower body perfectly and it's very flattering. I guess that's the only trend I'm really sporting. For accessories, piling is my thing! It makes an accessory more interesting rather than just using 1 accessory.

What's your favorite item of clothing or accessory? 
Rings and earrings. Rings, because they give bold statement to your hands, and likewise to the earrings, it adds a little something to every girls' smile :)

Promos? Any message to your customers?

Visit us in our upcoming bazaars! Do also include that if they add us up in FB and they mention that they're a reader of your blog, they get 5% off on their 3 feather extensions (if they only purchase 2 feather extension or below, no discount Should be 3pcs above)

Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar Dec 2-4      12nn-12mn

Port 88 Bazaar Dec 10-11      10am-10pm

Oooohh!!! don't you just love their style? Ally's also sweet to give our readers 5% off for those cool feather extensions, so...done enough window shopping? Visit Pretty Me and Les Roux at the Bazaars posted above and take home these pretty, dainty and lovely pieces (or then again, you can shop from home too) !

Pretty Me- Facebook
Les Roux Accessories- Facebook and Multiply

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