Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012! :)

Still went to work on New Year's Eve, as I got home I ate a little dinner and took a short nap before the festivities (thus the "bagong gising look"  I have on most photos) anyway here's what I wore to welcome the New Year:

Polka dot and lace top- The Landmark, Denim Shorts- The Landmark, Gladiator Sandals- Rosanna Pena

And more photos of our simple celebration:

Noisemakers and sparklers in different sizes

Mama's "paagaw ng barya" for more prosperity
lil sis, myself and my mama with our babies mimi and chichi

Me with the best mama in the world :)

Our dog Mimi, striking a pose :)
Our cute dog right here cried when she wasn't included in our photo ops, then I told her to smile; to my surprise she did posed for the camera and didn't move! :)

Outside our house

lil sis, mommy and mama- and cute ni mommy! :)
We're very happy to have spent another year with mommy :) remember the ordeal we had last year because of her health? She's OK now, we're just closely monitoring her BP and blood sugar, and she's already back to her active self.

Mama and Papa 

Media Noche with the family- no boyfriend present here; because he's back at camp. :(
The clinic's closed the next day! :) no worries of waking up late, hehe...

Thank you God for a wonderful year, please always be with me for the next year! :)
Welcome 2012!

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