Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting my ducks in a row

Wore this yesterday to work, for the first day of the year :)

Top- Landmark, Skirt- Plethora, Platforms- SM Makati
Get one's ducks in a row-  Complete one's preparations, become efficient and well organized
Instead of making a New Year's Resolution, I'll be making a bucket list and a vision board instead just like last year. Its more rewarding to just live your life to the fullest and without any regrets.

More photos of my outfit below:

I love the collar of this blouse and the duck prints are so cute! :)

I could remember that a year before, I experienced the most toxic duty of my nursing career :) now I could just look back and be thankful of where I am now and be optimistic for the year ahead.

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  1. awesome blog dear.i'm now one of your followers..hope u can take time to check mine.xoxoxo