Sunday, January 29, 2012

Birthday man

You've just seen a trailer from a movie that my boyfriend and I watched yesterday. I must say that The Underworld: Awakening, lived up to the hype! I had me totally gripped from the first scenes from the movie. It was also nice to see Kate Bekinsale's character, "Celine" again; a femme fatale in petite frame in her sexy leather outfit fighting off the Lycans in action- packed sequences. Over all it was a great action movie, you'll never get bored with the fight scenes and special effects that's just better seen in a theater. Nice pick BF! ( I keep on picking the most boring movies kasi,hahaha!)

So here's what I wore yesterday:

Maxi dress- The Landmark, Cardigan- thrifted, Belt- The Landmark, Sandals- Rosanna Pena, beaded cuff- Bazaar, Ring- Ombre Vintage
More after the break:

And a photo with the Birthday "MAN"! hahaha! (he told me he's not a boy na raw kasi! oo nga naman :P)

And here's what he wore! :)

Shirt and Jeans- Bench, Shoes- Converse
It was really sweet of him to give me consent to include an "outfit post" of him here in my blog :)

Thanks for everything Nards! I hope you enjoyed your Birthday :) I love you to bits! :) More movie dates to come! :)

Lastly, another update girls:

The new layout is almost done, our target date for the release of Ombre Vintage is in the first week of February, please add us up now! :)


  1. you look great together! and oh not to forget, that maxi dress is so gorgeous :D

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment dear! :)